Team Toronto

Toronto Team:
Ariel Stagni
Immony Mèn
Lee Wildgen
Fossil Landscapes

Ariel Stagni is a community leader who has merged professional experience as a touring skateboarder with a passion for city-building to become a seasoned contributor in the planning, design, construction, programming and management of skateparks across Ontario and abroad. He is a recognized driving force in the development of municipal skateparks, ever striving to bridge understanding between skateboarders, governments and the broader community, including serving as a founding and executive member of the Toronto Skateboarding Committee. Ariel continues to advocate for skateboarding as a tool for youth engagement, community development, play and creativity in shared spaces.

Immony Mèn is an artist, educator, and community-based researcher. He is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University. As an artist, he has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been awarded municipal, provincial, and federal arts council grants to support his work. His research focuses on developing a theoretical framework for understanding (specifically Khmer/Cambodian) diasporic experience through media praxis, critical race theory, and various forms of community engagement. Men's practice takes the form of research-creation projects such as interactive installations, interdisciplinary performances, social artworks, and participatory community projects. Works include Receipts, Post-Colonial Hot Ones, Traversal Residency, Passing through the Heart, Shadows!, Cite, Chthulucene, Powers of Kin, Everything in Place, and Taking Care of Business.